Our story: Stephen Booker
carste STUDIO Pty Ltd Architects and Heritage Consultants

I am pleased to be able to provide a testimonial for Brett Cronan of Cronan’s Design and Drafting.

About Stephen Booker.
I am a registered architect in NSW and Victoria, an A+Member of the Australian Institute of Architects, a member of the Australian Architectural Association for Preservation Technology International and an International Member of ICOMOS.

I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Architecture, 1977 and Batchelor of Architecture in 1980 from the University of NSW. I later read towards the degree of Masters in Heritage Conservation, for which I graduated in 2006 from Sydney University. I have been working in Architectural practice since 1977, became a member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in 1984 being in continual practice.

I have worked for myself for 19 years; for the past 7 years as the principal / managing director of carste STUDIO Pty Ltd, specializing in building conservation and cultural management. Our clients range from private individuals, planners, other architects, developers, Local and State Government instrumentalities, building designers and draftspeople.

As Heritage Advisor to Port Macquarie Hastings Council and Kempsey Shire Council I also get to witness the standard of documentation and design being produced by other “building design professionals”

I have also been participating in and conducting volunteer heritage conservation workshops in materials conservation in Slovenia and Albania since 2007, amongst other hands on building projects as so apart from being professionally skilled, I am manually capable in building.

My experience of Cronan’s Design and Drafting.
I have worked as a consultant to Brett’s business a number of times over the past 10 years and have been impressed by his approach to each project, adopting a professionalism, in my experience, is not always the hallmark of his peers. My position both as a consultant to other designers and as a Heritage Advisor, assessing Development Applications produced by a range of sources, puts me in strong position to make these assertions.

Brett adopts a strongly collaborative approach to his work, whether it is structural engineering integration or heritage design integration, reflecting in the adherence to budget, constructability and certainty as to what is priced and what to is to be built. His documentation is comprehensive and construction detailing resolved, stemming from his earlier carpentry background.

The workflow procedures of his firm are well defined and documented. The fact that his work is focused on one sector of the industry means he can streamline processes that are repetitive, through templates, allowing much more time to resolve the unique constructional problems of each project.

Brett is well versed in planning constraints and controls, enabling responsive, clear and compliant designs to be produced.

His design work from my overview reflects a responsiveness to site, topography, context, orientation and climate and utilizes where practicable, sustainable design practices and technology in producing low impact building.

Brett’s work goes beyond being technically ept, displaying creativity through weaving together not only his client’s brief, planning controls and site conditions, but also providing something of the unexpected in the outcome. Which is why after all, people choose to pursue a custom build.

In summary, I highly recommend Brett Cronan as a building design professional, for setting himself apart from many of his peers, striving for not only excellence in product, satisfaction for end users and clients, but in enjoying what he does along the way.

Our story: K & S Perry

We provide this reference to Cronan's Design & Drafting with pleasure. We were referred to Brett Cronan by friends that he had recently designed an extension for. We commissioned Brett to design a major renovation and extension to our home.

Our renovation and extension consisted of raising the floor level of Bedroom 1 to be equal the main residence, enclosing a front verandah with windows and doors to complement our existing timber residence, renovation our kitchen, rebuilding of our rear verandah including raked ceilings and glass enclosure, demolition of our detached garage, designing a new 4 car garage with 'dormer' roof loft office space and internal link to the main residence. The value of our renovation and extension was $1.25M.

Brett carried out all of his meetings at our home which was very convenient for us. He provided us with sketch plans and perspectives of our proposed development. Brett 'walked' us through every area of the design. He has the skills to communicate well, interpret our needs and gave us a complete understating of the proposed design. Brett's building background was an asset as well, with his knowledge to explain building techniques and building materials.

Brett looked after all of the administration including survey, engineering details, lodgment of plans to local authorities and referring us to builders. As a professional couple this saved us valuable time and made the transition from planning to build an ease.

Our home, garage and loft is now complete. We were pleased with the design that Brett provided us on paper. We are delighted with the result that has exceeded our expectations. My brother, who is an Architect, has also made positive comments with the design and finish of our home.

We wish Cronan's Design and Drafting continuing success for the future and give Brett full recommendation and support.

Our story: S & N Myers

It is an honour to write this reference for Brett Cronan.

We first met Brett when we decided to renovate our Home in East Maitland Brett has a mobile service which he comes to you at your convenience.

Brett's passion to helping you design your Dream House is truly remarkable, he has a knowledge for all your requirements and is constantly involving you in any changes he see fit to benefit your new home , he is so approachable and such a ease to work with.

His Idea's and experience are his biggest asset to you when your designing, Brett suggestion maybe e.g.: like the latest composite wall system for a noise barrier and energy rating, extra thickness of Glass for coolness & heating, Kitchen bench location so you don't have your back to your Guests, Taking in full views of your property, studying solar access for best cross flows of breeze.

Right down to accessing your front door at night with proper lighting, cushioning your carpet flooring for more comfort, He focuses his attention to the finer detail, he is well organised and up to-date with any changes to any new trends.

He waste no time in getting back to you with the final Product, He takes the stress out of building a home as he submits the plans to council, he ensures he takes care of his clients right to the very end of all his work he is a out-standing person.

We are so glad we have the pleasure of even knowing Brett.

Our story: P & J Edwards

It is with pleasure that I give this testimonial in respect of Cronan's Design & Drafting Service.

After trying to obtain suitable and proper advice in respect of a redevelopment of our current property we were introduced to the principal of the above service, Mr Brett Cronan, by our builder, a resident of Port Stephens.

It was our desire to remain in our waterfront home and to bring it into the 21st century.

This we are going to achieve thanks to the modern ideas of Mr Cronan, which he is able link seamlessly with the technical and statutory requirements of today's building trade and Council regulations.

Mr Cronan's service is mobile, convenient and he has the compassion and skills necessary to listen and hear what his client wants.

In addition to the above designed to a our building budget, looked after the Council Application and Approval process, thus saving the us time and taking the anxiety out the whole process.

My wife and I are extremely pleased to be a client of Mr Cronan's firm.

Our story: Graeme Holmes

Cronan's Design & Drafting has been using our engineering services for the past 15 years. In this time Brett has always demonstrated a professionalism and good knowledge of building and structural design with clients, builders and myself.

Brett's building design and engineering knowledge has proven be an asset for his success. Brett has the skill to discuss building and engineering design with accuracy and clarity.

We allow Brett to complete his own engineering drawings on our behalf knowing he has had hands on experience in the building industry. His working drawings and engineering plans are clear and well detailed.

We have no hesitation recommending Brett Cronan of Cronan's Design & Drafting.

Our story: G Gilbert

I own and operate G&C Gilbert Constructions. I have over 25 years experience in the building industry and I have been operating in Newcastle since 2000 doing mostly additions, extensions and renovations.

I first met and entered into a reciprocal working relationship with Brett Cronan about 8 years ago referring clients to each other. This relationship has greatly enhanced my business, as Brett is an exceptional building designer and has a high level of drafting skills. As a carpenter/builder by trade, Brett has a deep understanding of building techniques, building products and council development control regulations.

Brett is able to design practical, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing building projects that suit the clientele and their budget.

Brett has the skill, experience and knowledge to produce quality documentation and engineering specifications. Most importantly, from a builder's point of view, I have found that every plan Brett has produced to be legible, accurate and precise.

Brett is contactable, meeting clients and myself at convenient locations and times to discuss plans and engineering. Brett also liaisons with council planners and building inspectors.

Brett Cronan is a true professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him to my clients.

Our story: T Hendricks

Brett Cronan has been designing our residential homes and unit development's for the past two years.

In that time Brett has demonstrated the highest professional standards, both with excellent building designs, outstanding knowledge of building techniques, building codes, local planning regulations and energy efficient designs.

Brett always demonstrates professional and accurate advice to all of our staff, sub trades and most importantly, our clients. Brett has also demonstrated he can design developments to budget.

Brett is always willing to go the extra mile, be-it building design, meeting our trade's people on site and clients meetings.

Brett's drafting skills and plan presentation are always clear and accurate with good attention to detail, making it a pleasure for building suppliers and trades people to work with.

Cronan's Design & Drafting is a valuable asset to our Company.